The Golden girl

Where am I?

Ohh… It seem I’ve taken a nap on the desk.
When did I fell asleep? I don’t remember. My head is feeling dizzy. The world is spinning.

I hit the spacebar. The monitor flickers into life.

“Only Rohith Rajamony or an Administrator can unlock this computer!” . Yeah, I know that, stupid machine…
Ctrl + Alt + Delete.
“Enter your password:”

What was I working on? The letters in the monitor seems unfamiliar.

“Go have some coffee…” Someone’s shouting from nearby cubicle. Who could be that? Is he talking to Me?
Maybe I’d really get a coffee… Maybe caffeine can wake me up….

Ok… no big deal… I’m going to the washroom, wash my face, and come back. On my way back, I could get a strong coffee from the machine at lobby.
My head is still dizzy. Am I drunk? I can barely walk!

Damn.. this glass door is locked? I’m into some secured area?
Is there a switch somewhere here to open this door..? Maybe I’ve to swipe my ID card to open that… What the… neither a swiping machine, nor a switch is here inside. I’ve to wait for someone to open the door from outside? What kind of a system is that..?

Someone is coming… Thank God!

It’s a girl…. Hey, She looks awesome! What a beauty! She seems to be glowing in the lights of the lobby area….  Who gave Aishwarya Rai ‘Miss Universe’ ? It should be this girl! She’s really glowing, her skin is golden colored….!
Oh… I need to close my mouth! I was staring at her, agape! What will she think about me???

She’s coming towards this door…. Yes… she swipes, and the door opens… I need to go after she has come inside… Or do I really need to go now ;)?  Should I stay here and try to get acquainted to her?

No no no… I’ve to get a coffee… I’ll let her pass… here she is….  Now I could pass through before the door is….

Ohh… who’s pulling me..? Leave my hand…. Ohh.. It’s she… the beautiful face… I’m looking right into her deep blue eyes….. Which perfume is that… it seems familiar…. Her moist lips are on my neck…. and she’s gone…
The glass door slams right on my face…. Ohh… s*** my nose…


“Get up! you idiot! You fell down from the bed again? Man, You’re 25 years old!”
My roomie shouted.

I touched my neck, and felt blood.
Who was she….? Do Vampires really exist?


Damn! it was a greedy bedbug! Drank too much of my blood, and blasted to spill all (s)he drank, when I touched!