Blowing up* a job interview.

Four biggest blunders I made in a job interview. How extremely out of touch can you feel, on attending a job interview? That too, when the job description perfectly matches your resume? Few weeks before, I attended an interview for a job I had aspired for. And lost it. Miserably. The moment I came out

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It’s open. Version 2

Finally, completed a long due revamp of my personal homepage, Four years had passed since I had originally registered the domain, and the internet landscape has undergone tremendous changes during the time. The world has become more connected, more mobile.

Who is Successful?

Success. How do we rate success? How do you see someone as successful. What makes you think he/she is successful. Does a lot of money mean success? Does a lot of recognition mean success? Does being ….


I am neither a writer nor a journalist. So whatever I write will have so many flaws – literary as well as conceptual. Please EXCUSE! Owner of this blog has full right to remove or edit anything I write here 🙂 He is not responsible for anything I write here… these are purely my views

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Backup your emails!

In the wake of the news that a Gmail bug has accidently reset about 15000 user’s data, you may have thought of backing it up somewhere. Here’s a guide, which can give you some pointers in the subject.