Mad thoughts: Episode 2 – Being theist, the agnostic way.

The triangular fight between The Theist, The Agnostic, and The Atheist, within me is getting stronger every passing day! The theist is the most conscious and the strongest of the three alter egos, probably due to my upbringing and the hard strewn beliefs from childhood. However, I can find a common ground of theism, or Belief, or the concept of GOD, Where all three, will agree upon. Let me speak out to the world, and to who cares, in the voice of the hardened theist within me, while not ignoring the growing agnostic and atheist, sewn out of the suffering and injustice I have seen and felt! Maybe, otherwise, logic will take over, and make me an atheist.


It’s a concept of GOD to me. It may resemble, or it may contrast starkly, to your GOD. Let me speak out the qualities, a ‘real’ GOD according to me, should have!

“My GOD is above all human limitations of existence – He is at the same time ‘non-existing’, ‘singular’ , and ‘multiple’. He is at the same time, a ‘He’, ‘She’, ‘it’ and ‘they’.”
“My GOD is omnipresent, all-forgiving, all-powerful, and devoid of any human weaknesses and emotions. He does not have vengeance, he does not discriminate, and speak only in the language of love.”

Which of these does your belief allow you to support? And what are the reasons it raise to oppose those others? List them out, clear your mind of any prejudices and think along with me. Is your GOD same as mine?

Since the GOD is above all human limitations of existence, He/She/it can exist and not exist, be single and multiple, all at the same time? Confused? The reason being, you’re trying to understand GOD within human logic. If He/She/it cannot do that, it’s not all powerful. If She’s not all powerful, She’s not GOD. He’s just another man’s imaginary creature, with humane attributes. 

Since the GOD is all-forgiving, He doesn’t consider some humans better and some humans bad.Your mistakes, sins, all will be forgiven, unconditionally. If your GOD put forward some conditions for forgiving your mistakes or sins, then He’s just another Man’s imaginary creature, with humane attributes. He’s not free from human emotions of rage, anger or hatred. Hell, actually he doesn’t care whether you worship “one” God, “Many” gods, a stone, or a human! That thing doesn’t  mind whether you worship anything at all. Or what you call it.

…to be continued!