Mad thoughts. Episode 1.

Welcome to the very first episode of my mad thoughts. Anything I write in this blog is 100% imaginary, and cannot be used for any purpose  other than reading it! No defamation law suits, no serious reads!

Episode 1: The mad theory of origin and propagation of life.

Life, finds a way. It moved from planet to planet in the course of time. In the solar system,  it first manifested in earth. We, the human beings,  who are the species with highest intelligence, will move on, in another 1500 years.  Survival of the fittest, will prevail, but this time ‘fittest’ will be redefined. The new fittest would be economically successful, heriditarily rich, and naturally gifted. You, me and the common man, are not a part of these. Sorry, we are just history, and not the future! To me, the next destination of humanity will be mars. Once Earth has become too hot to sustain life, Mars will reach the apt temperature to support it. ‘We’ will find a way to create / ship oxygen. Can’t wait to see the blue planet called mars? Just wait.