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Something beyond logical explanation.

When a mother gives a kidney for her child with renal failure, or decides to lie on a witness stand under oath is understandable, and explainable.

She totally put herself behind and stand in your defense.

A plant nurturing its new one before it dies… a cat eating its young ones… a chicken protecting its young ones from hawks and preys… all logical – it’s the way nature is.

Your parents or siblings have an excuse of blood… blah blah blah.

However a friend is beyond all that.

We cannot choose or we do not choose our parents or siblings… but we do choose our friends…. which makes it totally our decision, hence our problem as well.

We all have had (if not please ignore this statement) a moment when our parents said… He is not a friend… he/she is this and that.

My take on it, always was – “Though you have a different opinion, he/she is good for me… so I am going to go on with him/her.”

Friendship is very progressive…. takes time to know who is a real friend. You need an open heart and open mind to welcome all.

People stick around others for several reasons. Least being friendship.

Our happiest days will reveal how popular we are.

Our weakest moments will reveal our true friends.

Friends bitch… men and women.

However when you bitch … if you feel sour in mouth… trust me… you are bitching about someone you care.

Parents and Siblings are chosen by Nature for you, but Friends are chosen by you or by him/her.

I wonder if my dog has another best friend?

or my Goldfish?

I don’t know…

I know I sure do have a few… it doesn’t matter to me if they consider me like that…or not!

There is always Goodness in every emotion… only if we all see it like that….

True Friends are always under carbon, we need to polish them to shine for us. And when they do, they shine with all the glory, lighting up your life!

Good Luck with your friends.