Who is Successful?


How do we rate success?

How do you see someone as successful.

What makes you think he/she is successful.

Does a lot of money mean success?

Does a lot of recognition mean success?

Does being ….


I think… and only my opinion… being success is … being content with oneself.

Money, promotions, Ferrari, tag heuer, Harley Davidson… don’t matter… they are just projected thoughts.

Thoughts become dream when you are moving towards a thought.. a goal.

Goals have targets … targets have points… higher the point….higher the target, hence higher the goal….

However we lost our topic… Success!

I think today many of us have traded simplicity of life to a luxurious life… in trying to find success.

I think a labor here who earns 400Rs a day is more content than me who earns 20,00Rs a month.

However he does not consider himself successful… funny!

Of course money is needed… for needs alone. 🙂

We all need to find success in all of us… each day… I was successful today… I will be tomorrow!

Good Luck Friends… Find your success 🙂